2017 - 2018 Nursery Workers Schedule

3-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
10-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
17-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
24-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz

1-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
8-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown
15-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
22-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
29-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder

5-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
12-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
19-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown
26-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell

3-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
10-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
17-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
24-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
31-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown

7-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
14-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
21-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
28-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz

4-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
11-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown
18-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
25-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
4-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
11-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
18-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
25-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown

1-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
8-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
15-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
22-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
29-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker

6-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown
13-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
20-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
27-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder

3-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
10-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
17-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown
24-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell

1-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
8-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
15-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz
22-Sara Garnett & Jenna Whitaker
29-Donna Barto & Mariellen Brown

5-Debbie Gallier & Teresa Russell
12-Kim Fields & Tiffany Laughlin
19-Trina Whitaker & Jessica Holder
26-Linda Caplinger & Tina Cruz


As always, we appreciate your willingness to work in our nursery ministry. What you are doing is vital, because it makes it possible for someone else to be in the worship service hearing the word of God.

You will be taking care of children who are infants/toddlers through 3 years old. Remember, you need to be in the nursery ready to greet the children by 10:20am so their parents can get upstairs and into the sanctuary in time for worship at 10:30am.

We are depending on you to be in the nursery when you are scheduled. If you are unable to be there, please switch with off with someone on another team. Please be faithful to the worship service when you're not serving in the nursery.

The two people scheduled to serve in the nursery should be all that=s needed to care for the children. Please encourage all other parents/guardians to join everyone else in the worship service.

If someone you do not know brings a child to the nursery, step up, greet them warmly, get their name and the child=s name (a legal pad and pen are on the cabinet so you can write their names down), and ask if there are any special instructions (feeding, snacks allowed, food allergies, special changing instructions, etc.).

Please do not allow children to throw toys.

Do not be afraid to correct children firmly, but in love. Please do not grab, yell at, or spank the children! If a child continues to misbehave, one of the workers should come and get the parent out of church.

Check the exterior church doors downstairs to be sure they are locked and if they're not, lock them.

Please dispose of dirty diapers in the plastic bags provided, putting them in the outside trash can at the end of the service.

Be sure toys are picked up and put away before you leave. Have the children help you clean up.

Sick children should not be allowed in the nursery under any circumstances.

Please only show Christian oriented videos in the nursery. Many are provided.

Do not release a toddler on his own or infants to just anyone, but only to their parents or someone designated by the parents.

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